Fiber Optic Cleaner Combined Scope

Special Features :

  • Just One Step for “Scopping – Cleaning – Scopping”
  • Total 1-3 seconds for “Scopping – Cleaning – Scopping”
  • One handed operation
  • Wide 5.6” TFT LCD Monitor
  • Low Price but good capacity
  • Foldable Monitor and adjustable Angle
  • Easy charging by AC 110/220V
  • Save Data on PC by USB device
  • Brightness & Contrast adjustable
  • Easy and usage by setup
  • Anti-slip Grip design and Easy Focus
  • Complied with RoHS
  • CE/FCC approved

Specifications :

Brand Name

Cleaning Method
Solvent Non-Contact Cleaning System, Use 3M Solvent (P/N:HFE-72DE)
Non-Flammable, Zero Ozone Depletion

Driving Type
Air-CAN compressed, Ozone Safe, Airbrush Propellant

Cleaning Time
1~3 sec for “Scopping – Cleaning – Scopping”

Cleaning Tip
For SC and FC Female type

Battery & Power Supply
12V Charging Battery by AC 100~240V Adaptor

USB device
Video Capture Device with Software for Windows 98/2000/XP

LCD with Magnification
5.6” TFT LCD, 260X

Dimension of Handset (without Tip)
185mm (L) x 24mm (T)

Dimension Main Body (when Monitor folded)
206mm (W) x 255mm (D) x 156mm (H)